An Artist’s Time of Reckoning

After moving into my new studio in Austin last August, I immediately started creating new abstract art work for an exhibition at Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, which opened March 31. 

The abstract paintings I made for the show, titled, "No Holds Barred", are very bold in design, color, form and texture. These works are executed in encaustic, enamel, oil stick, acrylic, pencil and collage. The paintings are alive with color palettes too intense to be denied - combined with abstract imagery that explodes off the surface of the canvas.   

Once the paintings for the show in Dallas had been picked up and shipped from my studio there were a lot of blank, semi-white walls to confront.  Seeing the walls in this way is the usual ebb and flow for an artist.  You make the pieces and they go elsewhere.  It is always that time of reckoning as to "what to do next".

For my “next”, I have embarked on a journey to discover some of the incredible qualities of the non-colors, black & white.  This is in stark contrast to the bold and colorful palette I just spent the last 6 months creating.  Over the next few months I will escape into the black and white world and look forward to see what the results may bring!

after art show is done.jpg

Time of reckoning, after your artwork is done and sent to the gallery

Black and white abstract art journey.jpg

Starting my “next”, exploring abstract black & white with encaustic, enamel, oil & other materials