Patron Magazine, April/May 2017
By Peggy Levinson

Dallas Design Center's Culp Associates and George Cameron Nash offer exciting contemporary art by Brad Ellis and Cole Morgan.

ack in the day, the high-end design showrooms that sold hand-carved, exquisitely finished chairs, plush down-filled sofas, and European-milled, hand-printed fabrics also sold paint-by-number art. Yes, a client would come in with fabric samples and choose a “sofa painting” based on what went with the fabrics. Thankfully, that’s all different now. These showrooms now mostly sell fine art in keeping with the furnishings they offer. But, they can take all different approaches to the art they sell. One owner, George Cameron Nash, buys art that he and his husband, Mark Williams, like. Mostly bright, involved abstracts appeal to them. And judging from client responses, others like them, too. Kelly Hardage, owner of Culp Associates, began showing art in his showroom from Craighead-Green Gallery. Currently the encaustic works of Dallas artist, Brad Ellis, are on display

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