Review: Parallel Lines at Havu Gallery Is an Unseasonably Hot Show

By Michael Paglia

You don’t expect to see important art shows unveiled at this time of year — but this spring has defied expectations. There are so many important exhibits in town right now, you’d think we were in the middle of the fall, long recognized as the high season for art not just in the Mile High City, but everywhere.

At Robischon Gallery's Declaration, you can walk through the pages of a real-life version of a modern-and-contemporary art-history book (“Women’s Issues,” May 19). The show is so strong that it’s hard to imagine another exhibit standing up to it — but Parallel Lines, at the William Havu Gallery, does. I loved Robischon’s Declaration when I first saw it, and even more when I saw it again, and that’s the same way I feel about Havu’s Parallel Lines. While the Havu show is smaller and much more modest, it’s every bit as worthy of attention as Declaration.