Back & Forth

Brad Ellis could draw better than anyone in his Tulsa, Okla., elementary school by the time he was in the third grade. By the time he was in college, he was drawing illustrations and political cartoons for the newspaper. He assumed as he had at 8 that he had a drawing career ahead of him. Still, he persevered in art classes—it couldn't hurt—at the University of Tulsa, a small liberal arts school with a good reputation. Good thing he did.

Propitious Pairings: LewAllen Contemporary Finds Artists Who Complement One Another Within A Theme

The folks at LewAllen Contemporary have gotten very good at putting together small group shows that have a cohesive feel to them, shows in which the artists' works interact with each other well. This is one of those exhibits. Steven Klein's glass sculputure, Madeleine Keesing's minimal paintings and Brad Ellis' linear encaustic grids have similarities in rhythm and pattern that hamromonize well.